Virtual Fair

Recruit, sell, connect with people all over the world without leaving the office!

For whom?


  • Recruit new employees
  • Sell products and services
  • Introduce new employees to the company's operating system
  • Efficiently communicate managers with employees during the implementation of projects

Educational establishments

  • Recruit pupils, students
  • Organize Open Doors
  • Organize a Job Fair for pupils / students / graduates
  • Organize virtual alumni reunions
  • Recruit employees

Cultural offices and institutions

  • Organize a job fair
  • Educational fair
  • Fair for local entrepreneurs
  • Tourism fair
  • Organize virtual corporate meetings at various levels

Event agencies

  • Organize a virtual fair as an alternative or addition to traditional events
  • Use a virtual event as part of the campaign
  • You can also support the entire campaign with a virtual fair,
  • Create a virtual branch of the company


See how it works


Everything under control, in one place

Forget about:

  • printing a thousand promotional materials,
  • posting workers to the other end of the country,
  • waiting in suspense for the right beneficiaries who will come to your fair for something more than ... for candy!

How it's working?

Admin panel functions

User management,
creating access accounts for exhibitors

Assigning stands to exhibitors

Exhibitor management (Standard, VIP, Regional etc.)


Viewing general statistics (number of views of individual stands)

How it's working?

Exhibitor's panel

Editing the appearance of the stand and content on the profile:

Change of colors, styles. Adding and editing descriptions, photos, logos, banners and videos.
Adding information about the company, e.g. industry and contact details

Adding products:

Inserting photos, names and descriptions. Possibility to put a button "See more" / "Apply online"

Statistics preview:

Number of stand visits, completed contact forms, catalog downloads, clicks on contact details or views of the "Products" tab


Preview of queries and Live Chat:

Access to applications sent by candidates, CVs, questions about products, etc.
While logging in, you can chat with the beneficiaries.

Thanks to our platform, you can organize an event without leaving your workplace. WEBEXPO is a new era of the event - an ecological event that goes beyond the barriers of place and time!

You can count on our technical support when organizing and servicing the fair. We'll show you how easy it is!

You do not know how to attract exhibitors and the right target group? We provide our experience in marketing and creativity.


Urszula Wilczek, coordinator recruitment, t & S Group

Our company took part in the Virtual Career Stop organized with WEBEXPO. We are surprised how many possibilities this platform offers. Without printing any materials, we were able to present all the details of our offers and add promotional brochures. Our job offers are directed to people from all over Poland and this is why we decided to take part in virtual fairs. After the event ended, we received statistics from which we found out exactly how many people visited our stand, how many people our employees had chats with, etc.

Tomasz Kwiatek, Director, Poviat Labor Office in Opole

Organizing job fairs, finding the right employees for employers, as an Employment Office, we know how difficult this task is. That is why I believe that the Virtual Trade Fair platform is a great solution that allows you to organize trade fairs in a more practical way. Quick contact of the job seeker with the employer, all data in one place and accurate statistics, thanks to which you can quickly assess the effect of such fairs. We will certainly use this solution in the future.

Enter a new era of events!

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